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Zoi's Sunset Beach

Here's my first solo shoot, back in July 2019.  Although I have done a number of workshops with some wonderful professorial models and tutors.  This  day we had four professional models and no tutor. I'm sure help was available, if needed.  


We worked in pairs taking turns to shoot. The event was arranged by Zoi and her husband, Marc.   As well as a pregnant Zoi the other stunning models where Mischkah Scott, Ella Rose, Riona Neve and Cretan Dog Sfera.  The event was  also styled by Zoi with flowing gowns as well as some art nude  images.  It all took place on the nudist beach in  Scheveningen Netherlands.  


I also took the opportunity for a 1-1 shoot with the amazing Mischkah as I had worked with her before on southern Spain.  She  is great to work with.  Time flew by I was having such a great time and hope to go on one of Zoi's other shoots.

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