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Norway workshop Fuji XE-1_1080
20140308-Norway workshop 5D3_0963

Of the four workshops I have done with Daimion so far it is impossible to pick a favorite, they have all been so differant.

The first was in Fuerteventura photographing the wonderfull Carla Monico, she is such a versatile model, going from shots on the sand dunes to an old camel station.

The second workshop was a old farm house in Angvik norway, again we were expecting snow, but none came, the farmhouse gave some amaizing backgrounds.

The thind workshop was with the stunning Mischkah Scott in the south of  Spain, with the help of the local fixer césar del pozo díez, who fould us some amaizing locations we would not of found on our own, a cave a secluded bay, and a disused mansion.

The latest was a road trip around the Wild West of America, the models where the stunning Clair Rammelkamp and Lydia Cooke. It was a completely different trip to others I have done. we where in separate vehicals covering Route 66, and a large part the country around Las Vagus, and the Grande Canyon.

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